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3D scan of the network pumps and pipes critical to the BWT

Updated: Jan 15

Scanphase offers an extremely fast measurement process and offers an accurate 3D scan of the network pumps and pipes critical to the BWT (Ballast Water Treatment) system so that engineers can:

  • Agree on an efficient ballast water management plan

  • Accurately implement the BWT plan

  • Easily install BWT system

  • Keep complete records of the area of ​​interest.

Scanphase has undertaken a variety of challenging projects in the shipping industry and has collaborated with many shipping companies around the world. Our team has in-depth knowledge, years of experience in the field and uses state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the appropriate level of professionalism in each project.

Scanphase collaborates with naval companies and field specialists and offers high quality services for shipping companies to comply with the

Laser Scanning (BWTS) Ballast Water Treatment Systems (Pumps)

Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM) in all Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas, Bilbao, Santander ...) and southern Europe.

The use of laser scanning in shipbuilding is a technology that helps shipyards deliver projects faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

Laser Scanning of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWT)

We are a company that specializes in quickly and accurately capturing current conditions, using the latest proven technologies in laser scanning and precision lifting, to achieve best practices for boat repair and new construction.

The key to competitive utilization lies in being able to 3D capture the vessel "in operation" quickly, accurately and inexpensively. The early availability of detailed and accurate 3D studies from laser scan data allows shipyards to get ahead in planning the project, designing the refurbishment, and acquiring materials ready to start work as soon as the ship arrives at the repair dock. The use of scanning helps to shorten downtime.

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