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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Solutions applied to BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the process of designing a building in collaboration with a single coherent system of 3D computer models, instead of multiple sets of separate diagrams. This entails enormous savings of time and resources, a more accurate estimate and fewer errors and alterations due to the loss of data. The BIM data can be used for the continuous administration and maintenance of the building.

The field of construction design has been transformed by the rise of digital technology. First, the drawings drawn by hand were replaced by 2D CAD systems. Then, as computing power grew, this evolved into 3D CAD. BIM is the next stage in the computerization of construction design, which allows undertaking more complex projects than ever before.

Laser scanning is a widely applicable technology for a number of industries. However, adoption in the architecture, engineering and construction sector is comparatively incipient and the potential benefits during the execution of projects and for the operations and maintenance of existing assets have not yet been fully exploited. With the increase in technological advances in 3D laser scanning and BIM, the architecture, engineering and construction industry is experiencing a new scientific and technological revolution comparable to the introduction of CAD. The 3D laser scanner allows us to measure any complex construction, regardless of the stage in which the project is located, and when it is integrated with BIM it allows to considerably improve the quality inspection and acceptance levels of a project.

point cloud, laser scanning, LOD 300 BIM, Revit model, Archicad, Spain, Barcelona, 3D Scanning Buildings

Building point cloud obtained by laser scanner

Laser scanner, point cloud, Spain, Barcelona, LOD 300 BIM, Revit model, Archicad, 3D scanning commercial premises

Modeling from Point Cloud

A common misconception of 3D scanning technology is that it is simply an incremental technological advance of capture, which provides a safer, richer and faster method of acquiring spatial data for surveying applications. While this is certainly an application of 3D scanning (and a very important one), technology offers innumerable opportunities to customers, managers,

projects, architects and engineers to monitor, evaluate and analyze the physical data captured from the environment.


In addition to saving time and money to perform the same tasks with traditional methods, 3D scanning offers decision makers a revolutionary tool to assess existing conditions, evaluate the progress of construction, perform structural and cultural assessments, record the built conditions and manage large asset portfolios. In many ways, 3D scanning establishes a solid foundation for the general improvement of information management in projects and asset management programs.

The key areas of application:

  1. Real-scale mapping and rapid modeling,

  2. Infrastructure asset management,

  3. Monitoring and evaluation of sites, and

  4. Structural analysis and inspection.

LOD 300 BIM, Revit model, Archicad, point cloud, laser scanner, Spain, Barcelona, 3D scanning commercial premises

BIM model defined in Autodesk Revit LOD 300

As the costs of laser scanning services continue to decline, the opportunity to take advantage of 3D scanning in the architecture, engineering and construction sector will be even more tangible and, ultimately, will surely change the way many professionals work in the application and standardization of this promising and beneficial technology as part of a holistic BIM approach.

In Scanphase we produce complete and information-rich 3D BIM models from point cloud data. Our BIM Scan services are used due to our long-term experience of working on point cloud modeling projects. We have a team of architects, engineers and modelers from Scan to BIM with experience in the work of complex renovation projects. We have worked on the renovation and restoration of heritage buildings, government buildings, old commercial properties, residential apartments that must be demolished or updated with newer designs. Scan to BIM modeling services are extremely useful for achieving excellent renovation results in less time and cost compared to traditional methods.

Point cloud, Autodesk Revit, laser scan, laser scanner, reverse engineering, 3D Scan Buildings, Archicad, Reverse Engineering, BIM, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Algeciras, Cádiz, Tarragona, Spain

Point cloud model obtained with laser scanning

LOD 300 BIM, Revit model, point cloud, Laser Scan, Barcelona, 3D Scan Buildings, Archicad, Reverse Engineering, BIM, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Algeciras, Cádiz, Tarragona, Spain

Revit Model - LOD 300 BIM

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