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3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Scan to ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD is a BIM and CAD architectural program from Graphisoft. Those familiar with the program know how useful ArchiCAD is when it comes to dealing with the aesthetic and technical aspects of the building design process. Architecture firms around the world are convinced that instead of spending money on the slow and expensive method of manual measurement, it is cheaper, more reliable and definitely faster to create models of point clouds obtained by laser scanning.

Scanphase collaborates with Architecture and Engineering studies around the world (Spain, France, Malta, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece and others) based on our experience we offer our Scan to BIM services and enriched model generation using Graphisoft Archicad.

The development of ArchiCAD and point clouds has not stopped in recent years. Great strides have been made in the field of BIM performance. With ArchiCAD you can work easily, efficiently and quickly on all types of architectural BIM models, from design to implementation. ArchiCAD's performance is unique. Waiting for large and complex views to load is a thing of the past, because ArchiCAD now has 'predictive background processing' that anticipates user actions. ArchiCAD offers the fastest responsiveness, especially with the most complex models. Because of this, it is possible to work with a point cloud in ArchiCAD.

Scan to ArchiCAD
  • With ArchiCAD's very fast response time it is possible to import point clouds. Although the import capacity is tied to the size of the point cloud files, the program supports reading multiple point cloud files in a project. ArchiCAD supports the E57 universal file format, including color information. It also supports other formats like XYZ.

  • ArchiCAD reads the point cloud files and translates it to a library item. Library items in ArchiCAD have a maximum size (per item). It is advisable not to make point clouds larger than 2 to 3 GB.

  • ArchiCAD will automatically display more or fewer scan points when zooming in and out. This allows the user to see, for example, the entire scan or to see only one plant of the scan. All scan points can be adjusted in all views of the model (plan, elevation, 3D section, etc.).

Point cloud debugging


Trim and trim functions are fully integrated into ArchiCAD. Being part of the usual ArchiCAD process and workflow without the need to use other additional software.

  • It is possible to model BIM directly from point clouds since it has all the cutting functionalities: floor plans, cross sections, facades or the 3D window, both in axonometry and in perspective.

  • To go from point cloud to model, ArchiCAD's Snap functionality offers the ability to configure it quickly and easily. Being able to refer to any point within the point cloud in ArchiCAD.

Benefits of Scan to ArchiCAD


Measurement with laser scanners and the resulting laser scan data has many advantages over data obtained with traditional measurement methods. The big advantage compared to traditional surveying is that the entire building can be captured in a 3D point cloud and therefore accurate measurements of everything that has been scanned with the laser scanner are available. The biggest advantages of point clouds are:

  • The point cloud immediately forms a 3D model (albeit from measurement points) that cannot be misinterpreted.

  • The laser scanner keeps the complete information. It is not necessary to return to the location of the building or installation.

  • The scanner records the size and color image, so the point cloud can also serve as documentation and evidence.

  • The point cloud can be measured.

  • Modeling work can be done more easily when working with a point cloud.

  • The point cloud can be used directly as in the Graphisoft ArchiCAD design program (although it can also be used for AutoCAD or Autodesk REVIT) to configure a 2D or 3D drawing or for post-processing of drawings.

  • Generating additional cross-sections is very easy with a point cloud. A cut is simply made in a different place in the point cloud.

  • The point cloud is the basis for the facade restoration plans and orthographic photographs.

ArchiCAD in Scan to BIM


Graphisoft ArchiCAD can be used by both architects and engineers to plan the aesthetics and technical aspects of a construction project. However, architects prefer it for their projects because the elements can be easily customized for architectural needs. For example, a composite wall has many layers with different settings like thickness, materials, etc. As the software was developed to accommodate different configurations, it makes things easier for architects. Our BIM modelers are equipped with the knowledge to help architects generate the architectural model. They can also create the renderings that architects need, which is suitable for presentation purposes due to its sharp, clear and fine images.

Advantages of using ArchiCAD for BIM

One of the key benefits of adopting ArchiCAD is its ability to allow easy collaboration between different disciplines through the use of BIMcloud. BIMcloud enables real-time collaboration between project team members from various disciplines, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. When assigned to a project, our group of BIM modelers will be able to work on the same BIM model at the same time without the need to divide different sections of the development into many parts.


In addition, it also facilitates better collaboration with contractors, as our BIM modelers will be able to export ArchiCAD models to a BIMx file format. BIMx can be opened with an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This makes the outlet easily accessible when contractors or architects need to review the model on site. They will only need to apply the normal operations of the phone or tablet, such as zoom in and out with two fingers, scroll views with one finger. Creating section views in models is also a simple process. A palette on the side of the interface includes buttons for the operator to turn items on and off they want to view.

Scan to Archicad, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling), 3D laser scanner, Laser scanning, point cloud, CAD, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Point cloud with laser scanning - Scan to ArchiCAD

Import point cloud to ArchiCAD, Scan to Archicad, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling), 3D laser scanner, Laser scan, point cloud, CAD, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, France, Countries Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Point cloud imported into ArchiCAD

Definitive model in ArchiCAD, Scan to Archicad, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling)

Definitive model Scan to ArchiCAD

Nubes de puntos en BIMcollab ZOOM

Un visor IFC con funcionalidad de nube de puntos con nubes de puntos es BIMcollab Zoom. Se puede ver y comparar un modelo IFC y una nube de puntos (en el mismo sistema de coordenadas).

  • Seguimiento de incidencias BIM en la nube: BIMcollab Cloud es una plataforma de seguimiento de incidencias en colaboración para BIM, construido para los ampliamente aceptados estándares IFC y BCF. Las incidencias BCF contienen toda información relevante para permitir comunicación sobre modelos BIM. BIMcollab Cloud simplifica la gestión de incidencias y ofrece una forma estructurada de almacenar, compartir y resolver incidencias incluyendo un historial de seguimiento fiable en cualquier proceso de desarrollo de BIM.

  • Visualiza y valida modelos IFC: BIMcollab ZOOM ofrece la visualización y validación de modelos IFC completamente integrada al flujo de trabajo de BIMcollab. ZOOM es la mejor herramienta para discutir incidencias en sesiones de revisión de incidencias. ZOOM ayuda analizar datos para encontrar imperfecciones de diseño y para verificar soluciones. Trae consigo una navegación rápida, intuitiva y cómoda, incluso en modelos grandes. ¡Ahora con detección de colisiones!

  • Conexión de BIMcollab Cloud con diferentes herramientas BIM: BIMcollab Cloud está conectado a las herramientas BIM más populares como Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Solibri y Tekla Structures a través de BCF Managers integrados. También pueden usarse para importar y exportar ficheros BCF. Permite crear y compartir incidencias con el equipo de trabajo sin importar que trabajen con las mismas herramientas BIM. Validación de modelos, detección de colisiones o el software de validación; Búsqueda de incidencias, revisión de soluciones y generación de feedbacks para solucionar en herramientas de modelado BIM.

Definitive model Scan to ArchiCAD, Scan to Archicad, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling), Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Europe

Point cloud with laser scanning - Scan to ArchiCAD

Definitive model Scan to ArchiCAD, Scan to Archicad, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling), 3D laser scanner, Laser scanning, point cloud, CAD, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, France, Netherlands , Switzerland, United Kingdom)

Final Model - Scan to ArchiCAD


Scan to BIM is the process in which data is taken from an existing construction study. The data is then translated into a building information model. Currently, the best and most comprehensive way to achieve this is through laser scanning. A laser scan will provide site data in the form of point cloud data which is an array of 3D points, each of which is assigned X, Y, Z coordinates and RGB color values ​​(red, green, blue ). It is clear that a third type of value, intensity, is also used to represent the grayscale spectrum. In some cases, the color is simply discarded: the 3D information and intensity values ​​are sufficient to distinguish between points for modeling. All of these points together generate what is known as point cloud data.

From our experience, creating a BIM model in ArchiCAD from a point cloud will save time, effort and money in the long run on a project. This model will allow you to explore concepts and designs with clarity and confidence.

Based on our experience we offer our BIM scanning services to architects, surveyors and designers. As designers, we understand how the BIM model will develop and evolve throughout the project.

Our working procedure for providing an ArchiCAD BIM model of the building from point cloud data:

  • Requirements capture to understand what you are looking to achieve with a BIM model.

  • Preparation of work proposal and detailed fixed price quote

  • We will also provide you with a schedule for the delivery of your ArchiCAD model.

Laser scanning of complete buildings, Scan to BIM
Laser scanning of complete buildings, Scan to BIM, Scan to Revit
3D laser scanning of complete buildings, Digital Twins, Scan to BIM
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