3D Laser scanning services & As-Buit Surveys

We rebuild the geometry of elements and infrastructures using 3D laser scanner technology

Generation of Autodesk Revit, Archicad and other models for BIM solutions

We generate 3D and 2D drawings following the highest standards of technical drawing. Through laser scanner technology we obtain clouds of points with which to generate documentation of any element of architecture, engineering or industry in a three-dimensional and two-dimensional way.
The models work on the most used software tools on the market such as Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Tekla, Solidworks and others become 3D models ready for BIM.

Scanphase we produce complete and information-rich 3D BIM models from point cloud data. Our BIM Scan services are used due to our long-term experience of working on point cloud modeling projects.

Point cloud model obtained with laser scanning

Modelo Revit - LOD 200 BIM

Modelo Revit - LOD 100 BIM

Modelo Revit - LOD 300 BIM

Point cloud models and their relationship with the LOD (Level of Development) in BIM

When developing a BIM (Building Information Modeling) project from a point cloud model obtained by laser scanner we consider the level of development required. The LOD "Level of detail" or "Level of development" refers to the level of definition or development of a modeling in a BIM project.

The American Institute of Archited (AIA) proposes the development of the information model for a building through development levels, these are called LODs, these levels will be related to the point cloud model as follows:

LOD 100 - Conceptual design


Develop a basic level model to represent basic information related to a concept such as area, volume, location, height and orientation of elements.

LOD 200 - Schematic design



Define a general model with approximate values for each element. Information such as quantities, size, shape, orientation and location along with other non-geometric information is associated with each element of the model.

The modeling elements must be constructed with a variation tolerance of 30 mm from the point cloud

LOD 300 - Detailed Design


Describe precise models and drawings with specific assemblies, precise quantities, precise size, shape and location. The stage helps to create a detailed model with all the information about different elements defined with precision.

The modeling elements must be constructed with a variation tolerance of 10 mm from the point cloud

LOD 350 - Construction documentation

Define how different elements interact with other elements and systems with the help of graphs and documented definitions.

LOD 400 - Manufacturing and assembly

At this stage, all elements are defined as specific assemblies with detailed and complete information about the assembly, details and manufacturing. In addition, details about the quantity, size, shape, orientation, location and non-geometric information are also attached to the model.

The modeling elements must be constructed with a variation tolerance <10 mm of the point cloud

LOD 500 As-built


The as-built stage allows all elements to be modeled as constructed assemblies, that is, how they will appear in real life. This stage can define information on maintenance and operation and different types of real and accurate information are attached to the elements.

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